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New Map for Raj'Dur Plateaus: The Hunt [Raid]
By: jnils - 01-17-2023 08:11AM

benjcallaghan has provided info for the following map:

New Maps for Sandstone Delta
By: jnils - 12-02-2022 10:24PM
New Maps for Takish Badlands
By: jnils - 12-02-2022 10:08PM
New maps for Raj'Dur Plateaus
By: jnils - 12-02-2022 09:52PM
New Expansion is now Live
By: jnils - 12-01-2022 09:25PM

The Main area for the new Expansion Renewal of Ro is now live:

New maps for Kurn's Tower
By: jnils - 08-29-2022 03:58AM
New Oceanfull event maps
By: jnils - 08-04-2022 08:13AM

Thanks to Leucosia for re-using the following maps:

Improved POI submission
By: jnils - 08-02-2022 07:22AM

Darq have made some improvments to the Add POI window in game.

  • You can now select internal or external browser.
  • You can get Your Target Name copyed to the Name tag.
New Maps for Castle Vacrul
By: jnils - 07-18-2022 04:50PM
New Maps for Doomfire: Ro's Sweatshop
By: jnils - 07-01-2022 05:42PM

Thanks to benjcallaghan for the new maps:

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