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About EQ2Map

Brilliant New Self-Updating Mapping System Discovered by Genius Gnomish Cartographers!

Since The Shattering all of Norrath’s landscape has changed and the old maps have become useless. Many privateers have not learned the fine points (or any points) of navigation and compass reading and find themselves regularly lost when entering new areas such as Blackburrow, The Crypt of Betrayal, and other dens of demise.

However, those brave intrepid cartographers (they simply must be gnomes to have this kind of genius!) at www.eq2interface.com have developed an AMAZING self updating mapping system for all zones so that you will never have to be lost in The Down Below or anywhere else again! Further, these maps include points of interest such as important NPC’s, locations of different types of creatures, and critical landmarks and even the quests they are related to!

The EverQuest 2 Modular Atlas Project (EQ2MAP or MAP) is an interface enhancement of a grand scale.

MAP is an easy to integrate interface replacement for the in game map. If you have played much you've noticed that most zones do not have in-game maps and even most of the locations noted on those maps that are there are incorrect in some way.

This is where MAP comes in. Just download and install it, start your game up and you have many, many, more maps and locations for each one at your fingertips. We don't have a map for every zone in the game. Nor do we have every important location that you could want. This is where you guys come in. If you want to support us and keep MAP growing and growing you can submit new maps or these Points of Interest (POI's) for us.

For more information on creating the maps, head here. To submit some POI's for us just click here or use the SubmitPOI button at the ingame map window.

There is a large team working on this project and without the contributions of users like you, we could not continue to offer such an expanse of valuable in game information.

Official Project
This is an official community team project supported by EQ2Interface.com
Current Stats
There are currently 39,635 points of interest on 1,430 maps.

New POIs:
» Zip Line
  Echo Caverns: Fung...
» Kenny
  Nektulos Forest
» Entrance o Ded...
  Shadeweaver's Thicket
» Zammod Era'Kaall
  House of Midst
» Taruun Gate
  Shar Vahl
» Real Fernande
  Shadeweaver's Thicket
» Savage Weald:...
  Savage Weald
» Shadow's Hold...
  Savage Weald
» a grimling dre...
  Savage Weald
» Hymnist Wadakha
  Shadeweaver's Thicket
» Xanora Ghostmoon
  Shadeweaver's Thicket
» Grungrina the Mad
  Savage Weald
» Koffi Zawadi
  Shar Vahl
» Wretch
  Plane of Disease:...
» Plaguen the Piper
  Plane of Disease:...

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