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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a point of interest?

First in game you need to get the location. Get out a piece of paper and write down a name and description for this location, then type the command /loc in your chat window and it should return a bunch of numbers. Write down those numbers exactly as that is the location.

We then suggest that you visit the map on our website your point of interest is for and double check that there isn’t a point of interest already submitted by some one else.

Now click the Points of Interest text in the above menu and select Submit new POI. You should now be at the New POI screen where you can enter in the data you wrote down. Please make sure to fill out each field as accurately as possible and then press the review button at the bottom.

Once you’ve clicked the review button you will be brought to a screen that has the information you just entered and a preview of where the point of interest will show on the map. If everything looks correct hit the save button. If you need to make a correction use the edit button.

I found a point of interest that has an error, what do I do?

When you’re in game and you find a point of interest that is wrong or has wrong information write down the UID number. Login to our website using your eq2interface.com account then click the search link in the above menu and enter the number into the Jump to POI field and click go.

You should be brought to the POI view screen showing the details of the point of interest. If you are truly logged into the site you should see a comment box below the POI view table. Enter a description of what is wrong with the point of interest and select an option that fits the problem from the dropdown.

When entering my point of interest I made a mistake, how can I fix it?

If you find that you made a mistake even after reviewing your point of interest you can edit it. Find the point of interest you submitted by going to the map it was submitted to and selecting it from the POI list below the map. You should be brought to the POI view screen and in that table you should find an edit link that will allow you to change your point of interest. This only works if you are the person that originally submitted the point of interest.

How do I comment on a point of interest?

Commenting requires that you are logged into the site.

When viewing a map you can either click on the point of interest dot on the map or select it from the list below the map. In the POI view screen you should then see the comment table where you can enter your comment. If you don’t see a place to enter your comment you are probably not logged into the site.

Why doesn't the point of interest I added show up in game right away?

The website doesn’t push the new points of interest to the auto-patcher right away. It can take up to 30 minutes before the point of interest you added to show up in game.

How can I view the maps in game?

Once you have EQ2MAP installed correctly it will automatically load the correct map for the zone your in. You can use the dropdown menu to view most of the maps.

Why doesn't my map window show the location of group members?

You need to delete window_imagestyles.xml and icon_map3.dds in your custom UI folder and re-run the auto-updater.

If you cannot figure out how to find/delete these files you can use the re-download all files button on the updater, however any custom files for the eq2map mod you have will be overwritten and this will take much longer to do than just deleting the 2 files.

Does this interface modification violate SOE’s EULA?

No, EQ2Map is just an innovative interface modification. Just read this post on the EverQuest II official forums for your self.

Why does my anti-virus program think EQ2Map has a virus?

Dont panick, it is a FALSE POSITIVE, meaning the antivirus thinks it is a virus, but it really isnt. Please report the false positive to your antivurus company so they can fix it. see this thread for more information.

This is the greatest thing ever, how can I contribute?

You can help by providing us with new Points of Interest (POIs). This will tell us where to put "the little dots". you can do so here.

I found a zone that doesn’t have a map, how can I help make one?

You can read a tutorial on how to make maps for this project and the forums are another good resource of information too.

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This is an official community team project supported by EQ2Interface.com
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