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Darkpaw Dugout <Ballads of Zimara>

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9 POI's in Darkpaw Dugout
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
78580 To Darkpaw Warrens Zone into Darkpaw Warrens Solo, Heroic, Heroic II Zone -23.70,-76.37,-254.23 Katttara 04/30/24
78579 Exit to Antonica Exit to Antonica Zone 21.22,-69.06,-209.78 Katttara 04/30/24
78578 Bernard Blackburrow "Barktender" (Bartender - Can set "Stein of the Alebrewer" here.) Tavern -7.10,-76.79,-242.39 Katttara 04/30/24
78577 Grunnthar Tradeskill Merchant NPC -14.95,-69.64,-292.20 Katttara 04/30/24
78576 Murkga Status Merchant NPC 6.27,-69.78,-296.92 Katttara 04/30/24
78575 Darkpaw: Sabotage [Tradeskill] Tradeskill instance Zone -7.05,-61.80,-323.67 Katttara 04/30/24
78574 Tesch Mas Muckpaw Mender NPC -21.74,-73.88,-283.01 Katttara 04/30/24
78573 Degravss Banker Bank -26.40,-75.59,-275.86 Katttara 04/30/24
78200 Researcher Gronk Collection Researcher NPC 4.79,-69.56,-293.33 kchcih 04/27/24

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