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Darkpaw Warrens [Solo] (Underpaw and Ancestral) <Ballads of Zimara>

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13 POI's in Darkpaw Warrens [Solo] (Underpaw and Ancestral)
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
78704 Dire Fireboar <No Description> Quest update location 63.67,-34.51,196.18 mjsj48 07/01/24
78697 Dire fire boar <No Description> Quest update location -16.76,-31.19,125.91 mjsj48 06/22/24
78279 Return to Darkpaw Dugout <No Description> Zone 30.20,-22.23,239.57 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78278 High Shaman Rakada Darkpaw Group F Monster Named 18.07,-23.22,240.76 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78277 Snarlip Group E Monster Named 7.50,-23.92,232.69 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78276 Vixra Group E Monster Named 25.69,-22.50,240.15 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78275 Gashok Group E Monster Named 11.26,-23.32,255.07 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78274 Convocation of Chirannis <No Description> Site -11.06,-23.53,264.64 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78273 Darkpaw terraporter Ancestral Gathering Teleporter -24.22,-22.74,339.27 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78272 Ancestral Gathering <No Description> Site -36.69,-26.55,307.48 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78259 Pillowpaw Group D burn all cushions to spawn Monster Named 67.37,-34.23,180.28 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78258 gnoll-hide cushion burn to spawn Pillowpaw Object location 67.03,-27.33,144.86 benjcallaghan 04/27/24
78257 Brulk Skullcrusher Group D break 10 skulls to spawn Monster Named -5.81,-25.50,153.70 benjcallaghan 04/27/24

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