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New Map: Stygian Threshold [Agnostic]
By: jnils - 06-18-2024 06:19PM

Agnostic map is requested by Dubble:

New Maps for Celebration Avatar Challenge: Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane [Raid]
By: jnils - 06-03-2024 08:14PM
New Maps for Darkpaw
By: jnils - 04-27-2024 09:15PM
New Map for Aether Wroughtlands: The Delves [Raid]
By: jnils - 03-12-2024 02:38PM

benjcallaghan has reused a map for this zone:

New Map for Celebration Avatar Challenge: Erollisi Marr [Raid]
By: jnils - 03-06-2024 07:05AM

benjcallaghan has reused a map for this zone:

New Map for Vaashkaani, Alcazar of Zimara: Chromatic Chamber [Raid]
By: jnils - 02-28-2024 02:50PM

Thanks to jeffjl for the excellent new map:

New Map for Celebration Avatar Challenge: Tarew Marr [Raid]
By: jnils - 02-15-2024 11:18AM

benjcallaghan has supplied the following map:

New event map
By: jnils - 02-10-2024 08:46AM

benjcallaghan added this event map:

New Maps for Vaashkaani: Every Which Way
By: jnils - 01-19-2024 08:52PM
New Map for Zimara Breadth: Crested Expanse [Raid]
By: jnils - 01-19-2024 08:46PM

benjcallaghan has found this map:

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