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New Map
By: jnils - 01-22-2020 05:02PM

A new re-used map:

Thanks to Rosyposy for testing.

New TS SQ map
By: Pijotre - 12-21-2019 11:07PM

Reused the map for The Blinding for the Shik'Nar Hive:

First new map submission since the fix
By: Pijotre - 12-21-2019 05:15PM

Here is your first custom map, lets hope nothing breaks again :-)

Sanctus Seru PoIs
By: Pijotre - 12-20-2019 11:09PM

Added PoIs for Sanctus Seru and moved onto a permanent fix instead of the bandaid put in place wednesday. We sincerely hope that it won't cause issues again. If you do notice any crashing upon zoning please let us know asap! With this update we have regained full site functionality again (BIG thanks to jnils for that!) and should be able to add the other maps as time permits. Again we wish you fun in the new expansion and a Merry Frostfell!

Bandaid in place
By: Pijotre - 12-18-2019 01:16PM

We uploaded a bandaid file which should work, please repatch and report any issues through the eq2interface forums or discord. Sorry for the delay and kind regards from jnils and pijotre.

Crash issues
By: Pijotre - 12-18-2019 12:43PM

Just to let everybody know, we're aware of an issue causing the game to crash on certain zones, but are getting close to at least a temporary fix for this issue. We'll keep you posted. Kind regards your admins jnils and pijotre.

New Expansion preparation
By: Pijotre - 12-17-2019 10:21PM

Testing a new import system currently, so only the most important missing map for now. Dungeons should follow in the next few days. Jnils and Pijotre wish you fun and want you to enjoy the new expansion!

New Blood of Luclin Beta Map
By: Pijotre - 11-22-2019 01:16AM

Here is a reused map for Blood of Luclin, if it doesn't get changed it can stay:

Corrected map issue
By: jnils - 11-20-2019 03:00PM

An issue concerning the following maps showing no image should be fixed now:

New Chaos Descending Maps
By: Pijotre - 11-19-2019 11:42PM
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New POIs:
» Stone Behind t...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Blue Shiny
  Zek, the Scourge W...
» Statuette of L...
  Nektropos Castle -...
» Cee Petalshine
  Greater Faydark
» Dhala Veera
  Greater Faydark
» Climbing Wall
  The Hole - (South...
» Corrig Stonecu...
  Greater Faydark

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