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New Beastlord Map
By: Pijotre - 04-08-2019 04:20PM

A re-used map for an instance in the Beastlorder insect warder quest:

New Maps
By: Pijotre - 04-02-2019 01:17PM
New Boat Maps
By: Pijotre - 03-29-2019 09:36AM

The first batch of zones that also use the new Far Seas ship map:

New Maps for Bristlebane Day
By: Pijotre - 03-29-2019 09:34AM

2 new maps for zones for the Bristlebane Day event, The Jolly Gnoggin received a new custom map that should be usable for all zones that are on a Far Seas ship:

New Maps
By: Pijotre - 03-28-2019 12:36AM

After correcting the The Eternal Gorge map, here are 2 more zones that use the same map including the last missing one of the old guild raid zones:

New Maps for the old guild raids
By: Pijotre - 03-26-2019 10:53PM

Here is the bulk of the guild raid zones with re-used maps, one is missing as the zonerect of the original zone needs to be corrected first:

New Map for a guild raid zone
By: Pijotre - 03-26-2019 07:38AM

The first of the old guild raids got finally their own re-used map:

New Maps
By: Pijotre - 03-26-2019 07:02AM

Added new maps for the Zek, the Scourged Wastes access quest zones:

New Maps for the Ward of Chaos Elements
By: jnils - 03-23-2019 04:36PM
New Maps
By: jnils - 03-20-2019 02:31PM

Thanks to Chillispike for this re-used map:

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