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UID 70270
Zone Steamfont Mountains
/loc -686.24, 129.78, 875.57
Name Erratic Tinkerfest Clockwork
Description Level 1 clockwork.
- Need to be destroyed by using your [Remote Detonator] for the Tinkerfest quest 'Great Balls of Fire'.
- Use your [Cogginton's Clockwork Incapacitator] on it to turn it into an Incapacitated Erratic Tinkerfest Clockwork and then install one of your [Tinkered Clockwork Brains] by clicking it to turn it into a Sentient Tinkerfest Clockwork for the Tinkerfest quest 'If They Only Had a Brain'.
Icon Type Monster Solo
Submited By Pijotre (07/25/19)
Status Included

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Steamfont Mountains

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