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UID 69908
Zone Cobalt Scar
/loc 3821.72, -1020.05, 1863.80
Name Whilhelm Nam'terin <New Combine>
Description - When you reemerge from the unfinished mine he will have moved to this second location.
- Gives the [Recipe Scroll: Live Capture Trap] when updating the TS quest 'Mischief Managed: Duty and the Beast'.
- Upon caring for the beast he'll task you with recruiting 4 researchers, by offering the TS quests 'Mischief Managed: Forming the Ak'anon's Finest Guild', 'Mischief Managed: Forming the All's Eye Guild', 'Mischief Managed: Forming the Feyiron Skillets Guild' and 'Mischief Managed: Forming the Hammer Guild'.
- Once you report success on recruiting all 4 he'll offer the TS quest 'Mischief Managed: The Anchorage'.
- Afterwards he can be found inside The Anchorage.
Icon Type Quest update NPC
Submited By Chillispike (03/17/19)
Status Included

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Cobalt Scar

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