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UID 68653
Zone Greater Faydark - (Kelethin)
/loc 222.60, 76.19, 440.58
Name Gutten's frosty Frostfell tree
Description - During Frostfell a [Frosted Frostfell Tree] can be bought for a [Frosty Frostfell Tree Ticket].
- These tickets can either be purchased for 1 platinum from Gutten Gigglegibber or are received from doing the 'Decoration Additions in [...]' quests in Qeynos, Kelethin, Gorowyn or New Halas from the 4 different Guttens there.
Icon Type Furniture
Submited By Pijotre (01/03/19)
Status Included

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Greater Faydark - (Kelethin)

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