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UID 65385
Zone The Commonlands
/loc 124.54, -42.77, 430.33
Name Mk-Ginormous scrap heap
Description Tinkerfest Public Quest - World Event occurs in July/August annyally - Three Stages - 1 -rt-click, get parts from repair bots, rt-click, hack disabled bots, kill 50 berserker bots (while in bot form) - stage 2 - click Kerser, floating bot follows MK, equip Magnifier, rt click chests and disarm, if you do not get a crafting screen walk away, it will explode - if you do, craft a bomb and throw it at MK-II, he will emote "Ouch" and take damage, when 50% health... - stage 3 - Pillars in corners of area must be destroyed, 5 rounds of 4 pillars before it is done; after pillars are down, run to the named MK-II because a random player will get an electric field on them and will not be able to move out of it - only the field hurts the boss, until the field hits him, the pillars will not reappear. Loot the chest and the ginormous pile - both - for all the loot.
Icon Type Quest starter location
Submited By Phlegma (07/24/17)
Status Included

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The Commonlands

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