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UID 65111
Zone High Keep (5th)[Heroic]
/loc -121.76, -125.94, -166.98
Name Brutish Brog
Description <Rodent Exterminator>
Level 103 Heroic ^^^
Every so often you'll see green text 'Gangrenous fluids spill out of Brutish Brog...' followed by red text 'A rat emerges from the stage's refuse, attracted to the smell!' which add to the fight.
Will randomly emote 'Haaaate... raaaats...', run to and kill one of the rats with his Brutal Smash attack, kick you away and heal 55 million HP.
Icon Type Monster Named
Submited By Adaefia (05/28/17)
Status Included

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High Keep (5th)[Heroic]

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