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UID 32701
Zone The Sinking Sands
/loc -542.39, -139.65, -839.78
Name Allidax the Ancient: Heroic 51 ^^^
Description Allidax the Ancient: Lizardman level 51 ^^^ with 4 ancient caiman. End of a ring event in the pool area.
Icon Type Monster Named
Submited By Melianteri (10/16/07)
Status Included

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Author Comment Date
Melianteri Allidax roams the area, meanwhile the 4 ancient caimen stay in the water between the 2 islands. 10/16/07
DiDjer This is not an epic x2 anymore, he is heroic ^^^ with 4 friends and is spawned as part of a ring event in the pool area. 12/30/09
The Sinking Sands

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