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UID 29056
Zone The Commonlands
/loc -231.00, -46.47, -845.97
Name Tiff Squeelunkle
Description Starts the Smugglers' Secrets quest.
Icon Type NPC
Submited By kdc2g (09/12/06)
Status Included

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Author Comment Date
jeffabart Smugglers' Secrets: level 13
IMPORTANT: once you put the costume on, do not zone, die, or remove it, as I had to do this three times before I could finish.

1. Start at Tiff Squeelunkle at -231, -845. She will give you a costume to wear. Put the costume on.
2. Go to Blackshields Dock, -468, -965, on the way down there is a wooden ledge with some NPC's on it to your left, go and eavesdrop on the two talking, they will give you a scroll.
3. Return to Tiff, she will tell you to go to Pride lake, 439, -369 and meet the contact.
4. Go to Pride Lake, 439, -369, and meet the Mysterious Contact.
5. Return to Tiff.
REWARD is 1 Silver 70 Copper
The Commonlands

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