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UID 19015
Zone The Commonlands
/loc -1321.44,-52.04,582.55
Name Captain Ista
Description offers lvl 33 quest The Trail of Slime
Icon Type NPC
Submited By truth5150 (04/27/05)
Status Included

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Author Comment Date
truth5150 I accidentally put my character name the submitter in what is the space for the NPC which is Capt Ista....plz correct this 04/27/05
truth5150 Also sorry i did not realize what i type in that box was going live in the pop dialogue. Meant the level tag suggestion for you guys as I thought you reviewd these then added them on. However it has been duly noted and realize that is my duty as the submitter perhaps the suggestion could be made on the POI page for other submitters though and perhaps a bit of a warning what they type in that box is available to all not just the programmers 04/27/05
The Commonlands

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