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Nizara, City of the Nayad Level 2

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4 POI's in Nizara, City of the Nayad Level 2
UID Name Type /Loc Submitter Date
61357 Zhi'feng, Lady of Darkness Monster Named -41.12, -69.88, 36.04 Fistsofpudding 03/25/14
52236 Celestial Glimmer - Chapter III Quest update location 66.18, -69.92, 23.08 Xixa 11/06/10
51354 Mai'Sith the Devouring One Monster Named 50.96, -69.92, 11.09 camelotcrusade 07/05/10
51112 Dutheris, The Deathless Dark Monster Named 50.40, -57.94, 86.49 ObsidianSpikes 06/17/10

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