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Tomb of the Mad Crusader - (Upper) <The Shadow Odyssey>

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8 POI's in Tomb of the Mad Crusader - (Upper)
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
78128 The Lower Depths Discovery point (Need to jump down the well.) Site 66.00,-30.00,-22.00 M_Prov_Eli 04/14/24
78127 The Loyalist's Quarters Discovery point Site 33.00,0.00,-48.00 M_Prov_Eli 04/14/24
78126 The Entry Hall Discovery point Site -2.00,0.00,2.00 M_Prov_Eli 04/14/24
44675 Zone Alarm Trap Zone Alarm trap location. Looks like a purple sparkle thing on ground. Wait for roamer to pass this before pulling mob. Object location 5.91,-0.24,-20.84 Cattae 10/16/09
42910 Well Jump down to lower level Zone 67.00,0.00,-23.00 xalmat 05/28/09
42909 Captain Ikalus Level 84 epic x4, spawns with 2 adds Monster Named 73.00,0.00,-65.00 xalmat 05/28/09
42908 Senior Loyalist Tilas Level 83 epic x4, spawns with 2 adds Monster Named 8.00,1.10,-57.00 xalmat 05/28/09
42907 Zone to Commonlands <No Description> Zone -1.81,0.00,6.00 xalmat 05/28/09

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