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Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Antiquity [Contested] (Well) <Renewal of Ro>

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7 POI's in Buried Takish'Hiz: Empire of Antiquity [Contested] (Well)
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
76547 Hederae Heroic II linked with Dendrae Monster Named -1071.93,73.68,131.02 benjcallaghan 04/16/23
76546 Dendrae Heroic II linked with Hederae Monster Named -1062.90,73.94,139.52 benjcallaghan 04/16/23
76545 Botheal Heroic II Monster Named -1117.98,78.98,186.18 benjcallaghan 04/16/23
76530 To Chamber of Chronicles Heroic II Teleporter -1114.40,71.11,112.03 benjcallaghan 04/14/23
76529 An Efflorescent Gladiolus starts the quest of the same name Quest starter location -1177.40,73.15,137.71 benjcallaghan 04/14/23
76523 Wellspring of Renewal <No Description> Site -1180.02,71.16,248.36 chrysophyse 04/14/23
76506 The Branching Gateway and other qualified locations Teleporter -1195.85,71.13,263.92 odin07 04/13/23

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