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Buried Takish'Hiz: Terrene Threshold [Signature] (Cavern) <Renewal of Ro>

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8 POI's in Buried Takish'Hiz: Terrene Threshold [Signature] (Cavern)
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
76718 Guardian of New Bloom Spawn for Chalice of Growth. Monster Named -870.80,-18.72,-157.00 Tahaliah 07/10/23
76342 A Resident's Journal RoR: Buried Truths Quest update location -771.24,-17.12,-18.96 benjcallaghan 03/26/23
76307 Leave Takish'Hiz Return to Raj'Dur Plateaus Overland -929.44,2.32,-33.12 benjcallaghan 03/25/23
78533 Petrified Cavern POI Site -921.46,1.12,-34.79 Ahlyrial 04/28/24
78541 The Terrene Threshold POI Site -927.91,1.88,-33.26 Ahlyrial 04/29/24
78553 Unearthed Tunnel POI Site -740.03,-42.27,37.40 Ahlyrial 04/29/24
76308 Shiroth Avinox <No Description> Monster Named -757.47,-0.24,13.81 benjcallaghan 03/25/23
76309 To The Pit of Pan Esk'Inien <No Description> Teleporter -684.52,-64.60,97.23 benjcallaghan 03/25/23

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