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Sandstone Delta: Eye of the Storm [Heroic II] <Renewal of Ro>

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8 POI's in Sandstone Delta: Eye of the Storm [Heroic II]
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
76066 Agmork the Almighty Angler <No Description> Monster Named -66.75,118.31,272.59 benjcallaghan 01/23/23
75976 Shark the jump Click the shark to fly to the previous area Transport 102.03,84.46,313.18 benjcallaghan 01/12/23
75975 Pri'ki'ori'ki & Wa'la'kra'na <No Description> Monster Named 61.31,80.09,339.18 benjcallaghan 01/12/23
75974 Shark the jump Click the shark to fly to the next area Transport 159.63,86.51,380.03 benjcallaghan 01/12/23
75973 a rack of fresh fish Click to gain the Lokh Mess buff Object location 121.86,79.75,173.13 benjcallaghan 01/12/23
75972 Stormy Withers open fished treasure chest to spawn Monster Named 170.35,82.84,404.17 benjcallaghan 01/12/23
75971 Fushuga & Hargan <No Description> Monster Named 187.00,92.00,224.00 benjcallaghan 01/12/23
75970 Gallopagus kill the hungry hippolisks to spawn Monster Named 280.72,116.64,26.53 benjcallaghan 01/12/23

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