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Takish Badlands: Kigathor's Glade [Solo] <Renewal of Ro>

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11 POI's in Takish Badlands: Kigathor's Glade [Solo]
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
78195 Petrous Woods <No Description> Site -461.44,128.06,-625.40 Ahlyrial 04/26/24
78194 Dunetooth Bluff <No Description> Site -707.95,183.80,120.34 Ahlyrial 04/26/24
78193 Takish Dunes Discovery point Site -568.32,109.52,-101.39 Ahlyrial 04/26/24
78192 Takish Badlands: Kigathor's Glade <No Description> Site -415.48,248.80,161.56 Ahlyrial 04/26/24
76404 Zizzez RoR: Tailing Dragons 1st location Quest update NPC -548.14,81.48,-208.86 benjcallaghan 04/02/23
75750 Zizzez quest boss for RoR: Tailing Dragons Monster Named -547.00,109.00,-525.00 dernia 12/25/22
75749 Kigathor Stonebark Fifth Named Monster Named -703.00,152.00,-550.00 dernia 12/25/22
75748 The Harrower Fourth Named Monster Named -429.00,139.00,-498.00 dernia 12/25/22
75747 Chief Dunesea Third Named Monster Named -529.00,100.00,-142.00 dernia 12/25/22
75746 Migral Strongfeet Second named Monster Named -846.00,262.00,-162.00 dernia 12/25/22
75745 Lopik Runtbottom First named Monster Named -803.31,181.02,206.78 dernia 12/25/22

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