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Castle Vacrul: Rosy Reverie [Heroic II] <Visions of Vetrovia>

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9 POI's in Castle Vacrul: Rosy Reverie [Heroic II]
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
76275 black queen Third - Move Black Queen from F-1 diagonally forward-right to G-2 to checkmate White King. Kill in order: Black Queen:Bishop:Rook:Pawns, then King. Quest update location 142.91,-15.28,105.50 Zanthara 03/11/23
76274 black bishop Second - Move Black Bishop from B-2 diagonally forward-right to E-5 and take White Knight. White Queen takes Black Bishop. Quest update location 149.37,-15.28,86.43 Zanthara 03/11/23
76273 black rook First - Move black rook from A-4 straight ahead to H-4 (the furthest square opposite its position). White Rook takes Black Rook. Quest update location 159.22,-15.28,81.65 Zanthara 03/11/23
76272 Lyrez O'Scholoran <No Description> Monster Heroic 154.04,-15.43,68.39 Zanthara 03/11/23
76271 Sister Herex <No Description> Monster Named 100.92,-15.46,114.14 Zanthara 03/11/23
76270 Brother Shen <No Description> Monster Named 102.17,-15.46,113.05 Zanthara 03/11/23
76269 Vhenex the Werefather <No Description> Monster Named 104.55,-15.46,113.38 Zanthara 03/11/23
76268 T'Valla Rilayne <No Description> Monster Named 74.00,-1.00,8.00 Zanthara 03/11/23
76267 Kartur Level 128 Heroic Monster Named -40.36,-0.80,51.53 cavalryguy9 03/04/22

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