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Savage Weald: Fort Grim [Solo] <Reign of Shadows>

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8 POI's in Savage Weald: Fort Grim [Solo]
UID Name Description Type /Loc Submitter Date
74734 Knapsack Possible location Quest update location 293.22, 0.00, 0.00 Cley 01/20/22
72889 Ulosi and Ulcine Nacisroc First Named Monster Named -28.54, 43.88, -272.46 Megor 01/03/21
72845 Felnir the Shadow Prowler The other two named must be killed first Monster Named 57.79, 31.48, -288.34 Megor 12/28/20
72844 Chief Gadzuuks <No Description> Monster Named 109.28, 51.72, -208.87 Megor 12/28/20
72449 Exit to Savage Weald Zone out Zone 10.45, 30.66, -240.29 dieliebeschlang 12/18/20
72448 Drylsa Quest "Mess of Trouble": Free Drylsa from her chains. NPC 7.34, 34.36, -329.36 dieliebeschlang 12/18/20
72447 Drylsa's knapsack (possible location) Quest "Mess of Trouble": Drylsa's knapsack (can spawn in any of the huts, and is reddish in color) Quest update location 29.60, 55.45, -350.26 dieliebeschlang 12/18/20
72446 a Skullcracker smithy Quest "Mess of Trouble": Drops key to Drylsa's chains. Quest update location 49.00, 37.00, -245.00 dieliebeschlang 12/18/20

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