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UID Name Description Type Zone /Loc Submitter Date
42382 Gallium Sulfur Need to harvest 10 gallim sulfurs for Noxiosity Quest,found in this area Quest update location Lavastorm -564.74, -29.72, -419.22 soulphage 04/12/09
42839 Wash Feathers A feather for your thoughts, spot to wash feathers. Part 2 after getting the 7 feathers, this is location to do next part, which is to wash feathers. Quest update location The Barren Sky 146.86, -20.30, -488.68 soulphage 05/23/09
48121 psychomalleable ice conjuror epic starting item Quest starter location Jarsath Wastes -2539.80, 227.14, 1385.07 soulphage 02/05/10
48123 Docile Air Elemental Conjuror Epic Update, needed for airy heart Quest update location Kylong Plains 1495.99, 407.65, -368.15 soulphage 02/06/10
48124 Wounded Air Elemental Airy heart ,Conjuror Epic update, same spot as Warden Quest update location Kylong Plains 1437.29, 416.68, -541.43 soulphage 02/06/10
48128 wounded earth elemental Conjuror epic Earthy Heart mob to kill for heart, once again same spot as warden epic Quest update location Kunzar Jungle -746.83, -53.57, 408.93 soulphage 02/06/10
48129 docile earth spirit Conjuror epic mob needed for earthy heart,few in this area Quest update location Kunzar Jungle -687.59, -44.25, 347.36 soulphage 02/06/10
48130 docile water elemental Conjuror Epic watery heart Quest update location Fens of Nathsar 457.75, -125.23, 495.78 soulphage 02/06/10
48131 wounded water elemental Conjuror epic watery heart Quest update location Fens of Nathsar 447.25, -121.82, 493.78 soulphage 02/06/10
48152 Magma cores Ro Deity quest, 15 magma cores, around crater Quest update location Steamfont Mountains -17.61, 96.69, 1218.89 soulphage 02/07/10
48153 magma cores Solusek Ro deity quest, 15 magma cores around top edge of crater, 2nd location Quest update location Steamfont Mountains -726.71, 133.02, 711.48 soulphage 02/07/10
48154 crazed kobold Ro's Infernal Device, Solusek Ro deity quest update, kill Grak shattersnout on north tip of crater. Quest update location Steamfont Mountains -811.93, 153.88, 661.00 soulphage 02/07/10
49270 Delinah Khahiz The Footsteps of Dartain Quest starter NPC The Sundered Frontier 1995.58, -298.99, 3327.22 soulphage 02/27/10
49271 Books clickable stack of books for Footsteps of Dartain quest update
Evidence Update
Quest update location The Sundered Frontier 1852.73, -294.86, 3466.38 soulphage 02/27/10
49272 Pleni Mas'arc Historiographer of Paineel, needed for update on The Footsteps of Dartain quest Quest update NPC The Sundered Frontier 1850.81, -298.99, 3446.19 soulphage 02/27/10
49842 Street fighters Street fighters beside amphi theater, 2nd part , hail then 2 become agro , kill them Quest update location Freeport: East Freeport -47.79, -23.05, 137.62 soulphage 04/06/10
52631 Anvil to Xass's Hideout Port to zone for final fight of Inquisitor Epic, Solo zone in (can not be in group) or with any Inquisitors on same step only Zone Nektulos Forest -1306.31, 49.23, -1507.57 soulphage 01/17/11
52738 Rock Elemental another spawn point for rock elemental, quest Elemental Task, the respawn rate seems very slow Quest update location Fens of Nathsar 242.18, -134.97, -12.27 soulphage 02/07/11

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