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UID Name Description Type Zone /Loc Submitter Date
34274 Mercenary Contract - Down with the Ship The Nerius Pirate Captain is lvl 24 ^ Monster Named Nektulos Forest 570.94, -0.64, -168.69 maas29 12/29/07
34361 Dread Basin General area for the Mysterious Fears quest Object location The Feerrott -1861.18, -17.50, 878.06 maas29 01/05/08
34371 A New Dress You must buy a dress from the merchant a dress merchant. This quest starts with Licha in Antonica. NPC The Thundering Steppes -455.48, -18.14, -426.12 maas29 01/05/08
34377 Mercenary Contract -Releasing the Undead quest. Gul'Thex high guards are in castle with one spawn at a time. Monster Named Nektulos Forest 686.76, 0.00, -717.03 maas29 01/06/08
34575 Squire Kivan Offers the quest, "Getting the Axe" Quest starter NPC Antonica -802.55, -13.92, 885.70 maas29 02/06/08
34605 Qeynos Highway for the quest The Scholar's Search Site Antonica -1185.00, -20.00, 261.00 maas29 02/09/08
35529 mature antelope <No Description> Monster (Replace) The Thundering Steppes 181.12, 2.92, 1318.37 maas29 07/19/08

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