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UID 65459
Zone Tower of Frozen Shadows: 7th Floor: The Palindrome
/loc -10.48, 669.75, 193.16
Name Book
Description Once the world flips upside down, this book is clickable on the ceiling to spawn Necretia Widowmaker for the Puzzled quest. It is in the same room as the chest, but the map coordinates change when the flip happens, so the old icons don't line up anymore.
Icon Type Quest update location
Submited By Dnoelle (09/02/17)
Status Included

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Author Comment Date
Dnoelle Should also say spawns Trouveur D'Kish as you have to kill him before the door to Necretia Widowmaker is openable. 09/03/17
Tower of Frozen Shadows: 7th Floor: The Palindrome

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