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UID 65357
Zone Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Chamber (Lower) [Solo]
/loc -127.05, -38.73, -408.27
Name Rune foundation 1 of 4
Description For quest "Rune Run" (timed): Clear each rune keeper in each room. Then clear the lhallway beyond the westernmost room. Come back to this rune foundation and click it (if not clickable, you need to find the rune keeper and kill him). Timer starts, click the other two pillars except the western one. Go down the hallways and find the named, Izzak becomes immune to damage at one point and you must return to the correct foundation to make him damageable. The correct one is color coded on the speed-buff panels on the ground. If you are geing hit badly by the DoT, step into a circle and heal befoer moving on. After Izzak is dead, run fast to the last rune in the western room and click it before time runs out.
Icon Type Quest starter location
Submited By Phlegma (07/16/17)
Status Included

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Crypt of Dalnir: Ritual Chamber (Lower) [Solo]

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