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Wurmbone's End

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5 POI's in Wurmbone's End
UID Name Type /Loc Submitter Date
66322 Prime Magnate Mrelg Monster Named 635.39, -158.86, -480.80 danascus 04/08/18
66321 Necromunger Garrkk Monster Named -270.93, -2.94, -311.97 danascus 04/08/18
66320 All-Blocker Mohgnu Monster Named 24.19, -71.82, -186.67 danascus 04/08/18
66319 Dirter Aggrog Monster Named -64.58, -71.74, -33.51 danascus 04/08/18
66318 Seer Gh'char Monster Named -265.70, -97.85, -9.68 danascus 04/08/18

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