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Sullon Mines

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6 POI's in Sullon Mines
UID Name Type /Loc Submitter Date
44140 Tzkaz the Dark Monster Named 263.48, -80.70, -110.71 melae 09/12/09
24650 Lead Sapper KarLob Monster Named 267.58,-81.94,-189.76 Zassk 09/18/05
31704 Foreman Hvar'Jan (38^) Monster Named 272.00, -80.00, -66.00 StormCinder 04/21/07
16600 to Zek, The Orcish Wastes Zone 306.14,-76.42,-91.33 Zassk 04/09/05
31321 Zek Zone 353.00, -121.77, -57.34 diztorded 02/14/07
24651 Old OkGar Monster Named 376.02,-87.14,-93.66 Zassk 09/18/05

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