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New Castle Highhold Maps
By: jnils - 01-16-2015 07:20AM
New Zavith'loa Maps
By: jnils - 01-16-2015 07:10AM
New Maps: Brokenskull Bay
By: jnils - 11-30-2014 03:35AM
New Map: Brokenskull Bay (Solo)
By: jnils - 11-28-2014 04:47AM
New Maps: Ruins of Stasis
By: jnils - 11-28-2014 04:24AM
Altar of Malice Main Maps
By: jnils - 11-16-2014 12:23AM
Here is the Main maps for the exp "Altar of Malice":
There are many more maps to add, but they will take time to do.
New Maps
By: jnils - 11-15-2014 11:11PM
New Maps
By: jnils - 11-13-2014 03:19PM
New Maps: Skyshrine Tower
By: jnils - 09-13-2014 09:34AM
More SOE maps added:
There are more maps to come soon...
New Map: Balance of Theer
By: jnils - 09-11-2014 07:04PM
A new Battleground map is added:
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  Phantom Sea
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» a wanted poster
  The Commonlands
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  Ruins of Stasis (1st)
» Elevator down
  Ruins of Stasis (1st)

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