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UI change
By: jnils - 10-04-2017 06:40AM

I have moved the "Quick Access Teleport" button to the left side of the control bar like the Default UI has.

This was a User request from Sigrdrifa

Expert Maps (4)
By: jnils - 08-31-2017 07:04PM
Expert Maps (3)
By: jnils - 08-30-2017 08:21PM
Expert Maps (2)
By: jnils - 08-30-2017 08:11PM
Expert Maps (1)
By: jnils - 08-13-2017 08:03PM

Here is the first set of Expert maps for Lost City of Torsis :

Many more to come.

New BG maps
By: jnils - 08-12-2017 03:55PM
New Map
By: jnils - 02-27-2017 06:42PM

Give your thanks to Dasvir for the new map:

Kunark Ascending maps
By: jnils - 02-19-2017 01:09PM
Kunark Ascending maps
By: jnils - 02-19-2017 08:44AM
Kunark Ascending maps
By: jnils - 02-12-2017 09:43PM
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